Knowing Mario

I have always wanted to make a review of this movie but all this time I’ve been procrastinating. But now I decided to finally write one for this movie since this is one of my favorite romantic movie after watching it two years ago.

He's Charming, and handsome. All the girls who saw him is captivated.

He’s Charming, and handsome. All the girls who saw him is captivated.

Ever since this movie was released I became a fan of Mario Maurer and kept track of his life as an artist in many social networking sites and visiting his oh oh mario website (which I had trouble understanding because of the thai characters ha ha ha).
It’s amazing how effective the movie was for us teenagers. And everybody would know that they are hooked to it when they started watching it many times and curiosity of the characters would get them searching the names in google trying to know them in depth.
That’s what I did (and I believe most of them are true for some people :). But that’s not just it. I liked this fan host page for Mario Maurer on facebook and the admin was based in Thailand. The admin decided to have an online contest of the movie crazy little thing called love for it’s anniversary. It requires interested participants to choose one scene of the movie they loved most and give some reason or comments about it. I was really interested to pass my own entry that time regardless of winning or not. (insert the picture of the entry)
I sent my own entry that time and it got accepted. Winning was solely based on the number of likes or shares your entry got. As far as I can remember, I only got 40+ likes that time and 3 shares. That was very little compared to other participants. So, clearly I didn’t win. Yet, I was happy enough to express what I felt watching the movie and that contest served as an outlet for everyone to read that. My friends supported me a lot and I’m very thankful for them.
I thought it was the end of it. But then a news came that Mario Maurer signed up with star cinema to shoot a movie together with Erich Gonzalez. The “Suddenly It’s Magic” movie which they were expected to star with was to be released in 2012. This was after “Crazy little called love” movie’s break on the Philippine TV. There were lots of people who were more than excited than me I suppose. I often checked that progress of the movie on the internet and has been updated when he came in the Philippines to shoot for the movie in Ilocos. Mario’s coming here was ensued with his Penshoppe modelling (insert penshoppe picture) and promotion of the new opened chicken restaurant in the Philippines (which I forgot the name). He’s been a frequent guest in the Philippine TV. But I haven’t got the chance to see him personally during those times of his visit.
Luckily, I was already in Manila when Mario was to promote his movie together with Erich. Yeah! I was there during the Red Carpet Premiere of Suddenly It’s Magic at SM Megamall. I was not able to get the ticket for the movie premiere night so I haven’t watched the movie together with the stars. I stood for almost three and a half hours at the entrance of the cinema hoping to see him. (Thank God it was my day-off!!). I prepared my phone for possible picture-taking. And the hours of waiting gave us a relief when he finally entered and walked through the red carpet. That moment was unimaginable and everybody was shouting and screaming. Yet, I stood silent against all of them. The prior thing I did was to review his face and build up from head to toe. And it amazed me very much. I hardly even noticed Erich Gonzalez with all my attention focused on him.
I tried to take some pictures, but I failed to fight the strength of those guards whose been pushing us away from Mario and Erich. So, I ended up with really blur pictures :(.
(Insert pictures took at SM Megamall)
They passed by in front of us in just a matter of minutes compared to our hours of waiting. Evidence that we’re a big fan of Mario even though he doesn’t know that most of us exist.
Right after the premiere night I set tomorrow’s day watching the movie premiere in theaters. Nobody came with me so it was a solo flight. After all my effort of convincing my college-mate to come with me, I was alone with my pop corn watching the movie. I watched the movie twice that day and updated my classmate of the latest hype I’m into. They appreciated every single thing I’m saying I suppose since they’ve been replying to all my text message.
My work forbade me to watch Mario in Vice Ganda’s show, since I can’t get enough of him I downloaded a copy of the show to watch it myself.
Doing all those things gave me fulfillment as this was the first time that I used my urge and avidness to do something. And after all of it, I can’t imagine how much I made myself happy for days. It just don’t go away that easily. I owe Mario for just simply knowing him :D.


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