Special A Class

Rating: 10/10

HANAZONO HIKARI- top 2 in the class, hardworking and kind.

TAKISHIMA KEI- top 1 in the class who is secretely inlove with Hikari.

Stuck with her childhood memories, Hanazono Hikari has only one goal- to defeat Takihima Kei in everything. Kei was the only one who defeated her in taekwondo that she can’t get away with the memory since then. To realize her goal, she tried as much as possible to stick with Kei. The childish thought kept her until high school with the little knowledge that something would change her perspective.special-a
On the other hand, Kei enjoys Hikari’s company in many ways. He’s determined to be formidable so Hikari won’t defeat him so she would always stay by his side.
The two of them being in a very elite high school class called Special A Class will test their friendship that would somehow lead to what Hikari least expects- LOVE.


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