Special A Class: My insight

How did I know about it?
What attracted me most of the story?
What can I say about the characters?
What are my reflections?

Hikari and Kei during the School Festival

Hikari and Kei during the School Festival

I was in third year college when I met Glaiza. She’s one of those people who seldom talk and who often got that serious look most of the time. But little did I know, she was my ‘Kabs’ (a short term for “kababayan”, but in visayan this denotes of people coming from same province). She went into a high school similar to my sister and there I began to talk to her a lot because she knew most of the people from our place. I don’t know how we got into the anime conversation. But the moment I knew that she was fond about it, I started to like her. She shared to me her own collection of anime tapes and from her I got a hint of other anime series that I must watch. Oftentimes, I don’t get easily contented with just the title of the anime series so I would ask her to summarize the story for me. She told me that I should try watching Special A Class since I’m fond of anime love story. I totally did what she had suggested and I’m very grateful that she lent to me her own tape. No regrets, I totally liked it!
Two bright students of the high school’s elite class fell inlove with each other, that was what the story was about. The story was too perfect. And the perfectness of the story attracted me a lot. It’s interesting to know how intelligent people fall in love and what are their attitude towards love. Added with comedy, you’ll laugh most of the time and be thrilled on how will the guy make the insensitive girl fall in love.
Along with the story itself, the character concept was also made perfectly. I will just be talking about the two lead characters that were perfectly matched for each other.
Takishima, Kei was the top 1 in his class. He’s very sophisticated looking and a man with a few words. His intelligence and richness made it so hard for him to get along with the other people his age. However, beyond that serious handsome looking face and the wealthy background, Takishima suffers from social and emotional stress and the hidden love that he has been pursuing for years. On the other hand, Hanazono Hikari, who grew up in an average class family believes that motivation and determination are the key to everything. She believes that there are no boundaries between the rich and the poor. As the top 2 in her class, she has but only one goal- to defeat Takishima and be the top 1.
The portrayal of love in this anime is very romantic and amazing. Yet in reality, this rarely exist. Rarely because in reality there is a boundary between the rich and the poor. Most of them don’t end up with the poor ones. They are bound to marry those people in the same social class as them to carry on their wealthy background. However, in this anime it proved that love knows no boundaries. That even poor people can dream high for themselves.


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