Skip Beat: My Insight

How did I know about it?
What attracted me most of the story?
What can I say about the characters?
What are my reflections?

It was the moment when I got into the point that I had nothing else to do. So I just loaded my cellphone and texted close friends of mine. Within seconds, Jocenee replied back. She’s my very close friend in high school who was also fond of anime. Since there’s no interesting topic to start up, I asked her about the most recent anime lovestory that she was done watching. Gladly, she gave me many anime titles which I wrote down on my notebook. One of them was skip beat (I forgot the rest though). Since I can’t download the episodes because of the poor internet connection. I decided to just read the manga. The preliminary chapters were interesting that I read up until the 10th chapter.
I became busy with school work so I stopped reading the manga. And then a thoughtful friend of mine told me that she’s got a copy of skip beat episodes. Very much ecstatic, I immediately grab my flashdrive and rush to their boarding house. I definitely got a copy and watched it until dawn. Hahaha
An ordinary girl gets into the entertainment industry to revenge her love from a treacherous friend. That’s the interesting point of the story. It leads you to wondering how will the girl survive the indsutry? What if she gets famous and pretty? What will be the reaction of her friend?.All those things are expected in the episodes of skipbeat. And the turnout of the revenge satisfied me a lot.
The girl character is pretty dumb at first. But the moment that she discovers her passion for acting was really interesting. The villain friend of her, Sho Fuwa, is a very conceited rockstar who thinks highly of himself. I surely love his reaction when he sees the girl very successful in her career. He figures out then her longing for the girl since she left. Added with Tsurugawa Ren, who completes the triangle love story made it harder for Sho to get close to the girl again.
The male characters are just made exactly opposite from each other. Viewers can easily choose one that they believe would fit to the girl’s character. It still vague though to whom will the girl end up with since the series is still not done. But I’m hoping that she’ll end up with Ren. He is actually my bias.
The girl’s character is inspiring for those with down spirits cause she exactly has the fighting spirit you can’t imagine. The anime would give you an inspiring wisdom that is “To believe in yourself”.

Additional Information:
This anime also had a live action adaptation. It is a taiwanese series played by two handsome members of SUPER JUNIOR: Choi Si Won and Dong Hae. The series was released in Taiwan by the end of 2011.


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