Geek Charming (2012)

Rating: 7/10

geek charming 2012

This movie is still fresh to me that’s why I decided to write a short review because the story is kind of great and very teenage-like. It tells a lesson about popularity, more specifically school popularity. Students could relate to this a lot as this happens most of the time even in my own school. But as what this movie portrays there’s a lot to popularity than what we see. And that’s what we need to figure out in this movie.
Dylan was very popular in school and aims to be the spring blossom’s queen to maintain her popularity around school. She also works a lot to maintain her beauty, poise and fashion sense. She thinks that her knowledge into fashion could help others too, not knowing that it could be oppressive sometimes. But to some queer circumstances, she gets to be Joshua’s topic for a documentary.
Joshua, was a school geek, but he hates calling him like that. He’s interested a lot in films, hence the president of the Film Club. Joshua passed his topic for the film festival being one of the participants. Yet it got rejected because the topic was uninteresting, so he was told to think of a new one which is more realistic and human. He thought a lot until he ended up with Dylan as his topic for the documentary, thinking that it could be challenging for him.
Convincing Dylan was another one. It was a deal caused by Joshua saving her purse soaked on the fountain. In return for his good deed, Dylan agreed to do the movie which she was very grateful about with the thought that it could help her win the spring blossom’s queen.
As Joshua started filming, he noticed that popularity is very shallow in the case of Dylan considering her arguments, reasons and dreams. But as he got deeper in knowing her, he learned the side of her that is much more pleasant than her cover- a smart, natural and normal girl which he came to like. There is lot deeper than popularity, and sometimes your true self gets you even more popular.
Considering that this is a Disney movie, it would always give us things to ponder about. Sometimes we tend to hide what we are fearing that everyone might not be able to like it. Hence, we make a cover for ourselves to fit in the world we thought is great for us. I kinda relate to this movie, not because I’m popular in school but I feel that I have a lot of things that I hide because everybody might not understand them. I’m not really open to my thoughts and very introvert. But somehow I managed to be what I am, though there’s a lot of struggles sometimes. 🙂


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