A Crazy Little Thing Called Love (First Love)

Genre: Romance
Movie Release: August, 2010
Thai Movie
Rating: 10/10

Source: Tumbler

Source: Tumbler

Nam was just an average school girl. And young girl her age would normally have crushes. In this movie Nam recalls the story of her first love that inspired her throughout her life’s journey.
During her start of high school Nam was not pretty. Her dark complexion is outshined by those students who consider themselves pretty than other girls at school. Nam’s friends also experience the same things as her. Their lack of looks also gave them minimal chance to enter the dance club which was the reason they were forced to enter the drama club.
Having crush with someone is totally free and regardless of how Nam looks like this never stopped her to like P’shone- who was a grade 10 freshman . CLCTL Picture 1
P’shone was a soccer player and a photographer as well. Nam kept her crush secret to him and would follow him around just to catch a glimpse of him.
CLCTL Picture 2
When Nam’s friends became fond of the book “20 Methods to make a guy your boyfriend” . They do all the steps they were required to do and to her embarrassment that her friends would know. Nam was secretly doing it her self.
CLCTL Picture 3
When Nam and her friends signed up for the drama club all of them were really disgusted. Since they were left with no other choice and their teacher’s sincere request they chose the club then. The club decided to do the play of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and Nam was chosen to play the lead for being proficient in English than the rest of the members. She was even happier upon knowing that the art club will collaborate with them for the play where P’shone is a member.
The practice for the play went inspiring for Nam when P’shone was around observing. There was even a chance that P’shone had to act as the Prince since the real lead was late for the practice. This was the first ‘skinship’ they had in a funny and cute kind of way.
CLCTL Picture 4
Nam slowly became beautiful. She managed to have a fairer skin and full grown hair which makes her different from her appearance during her lower years in high school. Nam’s changed personality was also the time when P’Shone’s friend P’Top comes into the picture. In fact, when P’shone failed to come and watch the play due to some delays he had undergone, P’Top accidently saw the play and became fascinated with Nam. P’Top then transferred to the school of his best friend ‘shone. His appearance became quite alarming for the school girls who were really attracted to him. This caused chaos within the school band members who were to perform for the school sports festival. Members ended up having broken bones and bruises that made them incapable of performing. This critical moment put Nam as an immediate replacement as the band lead with her teacher’s hope that she can be trained easily despite the festival’s nearing event. Nam was again forced to help her teacher though it was hard for her to do the favor.
CLCTL Picture 5
Nam’s practice for the sport’s festival was also inspired by P’Shone who at that time decided to be part of the school’s football team. While practicing she catches a glimpse of ‘Shone who was practicing hard on the field that encourages her to do the same. Without Nam knowing, P’Top slowly reveals his interest on her to P’Shone.
All of the hard work Nam went through practicing paid off during the day of the festival. Her appearance became very attractive and flawless to all of the people watching as she leads everyone on the parade. P’Shone witnessed this moment and took a lot of pictures. Yet, the statement P’Top addressed to P’Shone saying he wouldn’t want to go anywhere was a bit alarming for him.
The end of the sports festival was Nam’s breakthrough at school. She managed to become one of the school’s famous students making her friends proud of her. P’Top also took the courage to court Nam. While not knowing it, Nam takes advantage of P’Top’s friendly approach so she can be near P’Shone most of the time. However, Nam never intended to be ‘Tops girlfriend so she brushed him off after stealing a kiss from her during a party.
Getting close to P’Shone drove Nam away from her friends which lead to argument after Nam failed to attend one of her friends birthday. Evidently making her own lovelife a priority towards her friends. It took so hard for Nam to reconcile with her friends but after having said her sincere apology, everything was resolved.
CLCTL Picture 14
Meanwhile, when Nam pushed P’Top away he was so sure that Nam has someone she liked. But Nam never disclosed to him the guy. The incident became really hurtful to ‘Top saying that it was the first time he was really in pain because of a girl. He even asked P’Shone not to court Nam for the sake of him which was a lot more hurtful to ‘Shone’s case.
The upcoming Valentine’s day was the day Nam decided to confess her feelings to P’Shone after all the years of keeping it from him. Holding a white rose, she sincerely said everything she wanted to say then she suddenly knows that he’s already locked up with someone else. She cried herself out but still saying she’s okay dropping herself into the pool. P’Shone was really sorry for her so he just helps her get up. For Nam, it was a really painful confession she ever had. On the other hand, love filled P’Shones heart with joy. As he keeps a lot more secret Nam never expected him to have. All the things she gives to him was kept like a collection and every stolen pictures of Nam he had was kept in a scrap book. And like all of the things he received from her, he wraps the rose in paper. He’s never got the chance to confess everything to her and have written everything in a scrapbook. Even the secret things he managed to make her happy was all in there. Despite of everything, P’Shone knew that Nam needs to know so he leaves the scrapbook in front of her house.
CLCTL Picture 17
CLCTL Picture 16
Nam was able to grab the top spot and as promised by his father she goes to the US to study.
Everything was ended after 9 years, Nam was already a famous fashion designer in New York and comes back in Thailand to do a fashion project in her country. She was invited for an interview without knowing that P’Shone was also invited to see her. P’Shone’s career was changed from being a famous football player to becoming a pro-photographer. All things that was left unsaid and ended sadly years back was resolved through this confrontation reassuring that both of them still loved each other despite all those years.
CLCTL Picture 19
Dialogue from the movie:
Nam: “Have you been married?”
(Long pause……….)
P’Shone: “I have been waiting for someone to come back from the US.”


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