Beauty and the Briefcase (2010)

Genre: Romance
Rating: 7/10


The story revolves around a girl who is very keen with her checklist to find the right guy. She’s a writer and finally got a job at cosmo magazine to which she’s assigned to write an undercover story about “the business of falling in love”. Guided with her checklist, she makes herself into the business world and finds a man in suit that is 100 percent perfect on her checklist.

Did she find the right guy? Well, She sort of did but only to find out that it was all lie. The guy just tricked him and she realized that it was all she wanted for and the guy just gave her what she wanted, “a great lie”. She soon figured out that there’s no guy who can perfect her checklist because in reality perfect guys don’t exist. It’ll just draw yourself into the love-shit thing which is much worse.

Sometimes the great guy is the least person you’ll notice. And guess what, the person she’d never tried her checklist on and the closest person to her is the one she ended up with, her boss. It’s funny because when she finally tried her checklist on him, it was a perfect zero. The ideal guy you always picture is sometimes the opposite of the person you’ll fall in love with. Sort of true for this movie, perhaps.


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