The Catcher in the Rye

by J.D Salinger

My Rating: 5/10

The main character was named Holden Caulfield. A sixteen year old teenage boy studying at Pency School, where he thinks all the phony people are in.
The book talks about puberty and how Holden handles what he feels towards the opposite sex. His character was too expressive and liberated, and implies the willingness of a teenager to experience the world of adults. At his young age he already know how to smoke, to get drunk even kissing and sex. It was kind of unusual reading it considering the cultural difference me and Holden have.

Indeed, J.D Salinger had captured how puberty is dealt with by teenagers that he was able to relate to most of the young readers.

While reading I would admit that I had some difficulty understanding some terms the author used. Probably, there are some cases portrayed in the book that I was not exposed too well in real life.
Well, innocence can be an excuse sometimes. Yet despite of it, I was not hindered in understanding the whole context of the book itself which also broadened my understanding of the cultural differences.


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