The Twelfth Angel

by Og Mandino

My Rating: 8/10

twelfth angel edited

It was our instructor when I was in first year college who made us read this book as a requirement. I was never been familiar with the author then but his name sounded like a Filipino to me.

My aim was just to earn extra points, so I decided to buy one of his books (which is this one). This was actually one of his bestsellers that I thought it might be really good. I started reading it non-stop and then I found myself crying towards the end of the page. After, I told myself this is the kind of book I prefer to read.


Just when you thought that life is no longer worth living for. God finds ways to lift you up from despair. Life isn’t just about tragedy, somehow we still have to live our own to serve our purpose.
At first for John Harding, the death of his wife and son crushed his life down to the very bottom. He has got it all- wealth, very good job, and all the material things world has to offer. But it can never make him happy enough cause he can never bring back the people that made his life perfect.

Mourning his family’s death made him pathetic to the point of ending his life. But a kid’s presence will bring him hope. Timothy Noble gave him a reason to live again.

This story is good for people seeking inspiration. I guess you can add this one on the list if you’ve been reading the “Purpose Driven Life”. These books give related messages to the reader (In my own point of view :D).

Later, I found out that the author was not a Filipino, silly me :D.


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