Pitch Perfect (2012)

Photo Credit: millyla-notes.blogspot.com

Photo Credit: millyla-notes.blogspot.com

The “Barden Bellas”- an all female acapella group made it to the finals at Lincoln Center but the chance of making it to the top faded away when one of the members choked her food down on the stage- which is really disgusting. They failed to win but not their male counter part “Treblemaker” (both group from same school) who became the champion. These groups never get along pretty well.

Aspiring to be a DJ, Beca never wanted to be in College. She wanted to make her own dough by mixing her own music and go to LA to find her fate with her chosen profession. But her dad never wanted this. She was sent by her dad to a College to study and mingle with other people.

With her dad’s persistent advise to be an active student by participating in school activities and organization, Beca tried to audition in an Acapella group called “Barden Bellas”. The audition went well and she got accepted. There was just one problem- the group’s leader don’t like her. Beca’s ideas are often rejected. But later, she’ll realize that “Barden Bellas” is a different group from before -that embarking in a new kind of choreography might be risky but is worth a try.

For Beca, I guess everything went according to his dad’s suggestion- she’s got lots of friends. And there are additionals- they became the champion and she got a guy to be with. Well, rules are often broken, I guess “Treblemaker” can be with “Barden Bellas” this time. 😀

I personally love this movie and one of the best talent movies on my list. The opening of the movie is really good. With the Barden Bellas “I saw the sign” acapella version and Treblemakers performance, you might not want to be out of your sit. The songs are worth the LSS (my gay nephew never stopped singing all of the song and even memorized the choreography hahahahahahaha. He’s not just hooked into it but very very very hooked into it). Don’t miss the ending, it is the best.

Pssssst!!! There might be a sequel of this movie coming soon. The last part gave me the hint. 😀

Movie Official Site: http://www.pitchperfectmovie.com/


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