Spellbound (2011)

Photo Credit: maymaywatch.blogspot.com

Photo Credit: maymaywatch.blogspot.com

I would say that Korean movies often have the great love story. This movie is a unique one too. It is not like most of the love-story movie cliché, at least this one has some kind of distinct characters injected into it that I haven’t watched in most of Korean movies yet.

Kang Yu Ri. She’s not a witch ( at first you’ll think she is). She’s just an ordinary and lonely girl living in a creepy place. And sleeping in her most comfortable bed – the tent. Literally she sleeps in the tent that she assembled in her living room. Pretty unusual right?

Then she meets this magician guy, Jo Gu Ma. The first time he met this girl, he was able to make a magic concept. Her dark aura tickled his brilliant mind to create a different magic that would later give him a break in his magic profession.

The magic concept created by Jo Gu Ma became Yu Ri’s part time job. She acts as the ghost in his magic performances. But she never went to any magic staff gathering though she’s been working there for one year. Due to Jo Gu’s persistent invitation she joined for the first time. But Jo Gu never know that his attachment to her could be as scary as hell.

She sees ghost often. Ghosts seeking help and guidance. For Yu Ri, this became her usual life but this kind of unusual gift given to her has taken all her family and closed friends away from her. And apparently with her situation she never thought that anyone would like her and stand her.

For Jo Gu, it was a risk being close to Yu Ri. Being with her, he slowly felt that he’s falling for her despite all the scary things he had encountered. He was certain and willing to take the risk. But it was up to Yu Ri to take the chance if she’s brave enough to love.

This is not some kind of horror movie love story, but more like a scary, comedy love- story. There are scenes that are really funny (harharhar). Promise, if you love korean movies this one should be on your list too. 😀

I have watched most of Son Ye Jin‘s (Kang Yu Ri) movies. The good ones are “The Classic“,and “A Moment To Remember. 😀


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