What I do Always (Got nothing else to do)

I wrote this one in my journal last February, when I felt that my work really bores me to death. Just feel like posting this one. 😀

February Cottage

February Cottage (Photo credit: jenniferworthen)

Most days are boring but I managed to cope though with the tools I have (netbook, books and magazines) which kept me busy most of the time.

The month of February finally arrived, it’s been weeks though, but I come to finally realize it now. I felt bored last night after having watched all the episodes of Nikita that I copied from my classmate in college. So I decided to watch one of my favorite series “Special A“. It might be pathetic for some to watch same thing all the time, but for me it revives the feeling of love and contentment that I haven’t felt for a long time. At least these series gives me that much though. I felt it is too risky to try it myself though at this times. And then I slept….. Deeply..

Morning came, and papa arrived with my food of course as he usually does. I figured I still have one book unfinished. I looked it up, and read the left pages. “Tuesdays with Morrie“- that was the title. It made cry for a little while and also made me think if I also have a teacher I’ve been attached to before. And I do have , atleast one, who have inspired me for a little while. Every words in the book are written so passionately and true. Every quotes are worth to be bookmarked and be read to every people wanting to feel relieved and contented.


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