Thoughts on “Gentleman”

I am a K-POP fan but that doesn’t mean that I should like K-POP songs released by certain bands I liked. I don’t follow the trend of most teenagers. I listen to songs I appreciate sometimes regardless of the singer as long as they release songs worth listening to and suits my taste.

Believe me, I’ve never been a fan of PSY. Sometimes I wonder why everybody was hooked to the song “Gangnam Style” that reached millions of views in Youtube (which probably many got curious why it went viral that added to the number of views). No offense to PSY but I just don’t think that his videos are suited to children. I even read and article that some of his videos were banned in South Korea. (How true could that be?) Well just saying..

Perhaps, everyone should look into the essence of the music more not just the funny side of it or trend.

Now his new song gentleman was released. Is this another viral?

You can watch the “Gentleman” video and provide comments below.


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