A Moment to Remember (2004)

Cast: Son Ye Jin, Jung Woo Sung

Director: John H. Lee

Genre: Romance, Drama

Rating: 8/10

A Moment to Remember

This is probably one of the best movie of Son Ye Jin having watched most of her movie. I could say that I gradually liked her as an actress as I repeatedly watched her onscreen.  Added that her lead partner appears to be Jung Woo Sung. This movie is also a must watch for korean movie- goer.

Quick Review:

Having an affair with a married man, Kim Su Jin (Son Ye Jin) loved regardless of the situation. But the shameless relationship left her broke after the man never showed up in their rendezvous.  Then he meets the short-tempered, ragged, and reserved carpenter Choi Chil Su. Right then she locks her eyes on him and decides to marry. They build a very happy and memorable couple at the onset of their marriage. But truth is, everything can never be consistent when sooner everything worth reminiscing will be forgotten by the one he loves. Not just him but also herself. How can he continue to love when the greatest obstacle is right there to block everything?

Movie Highlights:

“Hey there! it is my coca cola not yours”. The ” coca- cola scene” where Su Jin grabs Chil Su’s coke and drinks it shamelessly in front of him was a scene to catch. This time Su Jin starts to portray her forgetfulness. Yet there is a rebound to this scene where Chil Su drinks her coke.

“Place your bet. Even a dog at a glance can win”.  Trust me I found this scene funny and cute. How Chil Su play the cards is quite a show. You lose come kiss me now.. 😀


In each movie of Son Ye Jin, she always had the character. She’s much of an onscreen goddess cause you can never get enough of her face.  As forWoo Sung, he always portray good in ragged character. I happen to watch him in Daisy and Reign of Assassins. For me he is a superb.

“Love knows no boundaries” and “Love is unconditionaL” is what this movie embodies. You will never know how much you love a person until you’re given the greatest obstacle of all. Choi Chil Su personifies a man worth marrying who never gave up on Su Jin. Who knows there might be someone as good as him lurking around our neighborhood .. hahahahahahahaha


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