Unknown Place worth a Visit :D

My friends visited me last April and have always wanted to travel around Bohol.  Since I am not much of a person who travels a lot I was not convinced of going to chocolate hills (which I visited many times already since I live here). They were really eager to prove that they visited Bohol through taking some pictures of chocolate hills which had become the land mark of our province.

Declining their invitation was also because of the time constraint. They were only free for three days to unwind and most of the time were spent in our fiesta. So I told them that maybe it would be best to tour around Bohol next time cause I will be probably be inviting them next year. Well to compensate for the failed travel to chocolate hills, I decided to tour them around our place and to our undiscovered mother dam which offers a great view of the mountains and fresh air. At first I thought I’ll fail to amuse them but visiting the place made them glow with excitement. They can’t get enough taking pictures of the view.

Approaching dam.. :S

At first you’ll thought it is a lake…
(captured view of the dam)

To get a better view we climbed the rest house atop a hill took some pictures and then transferred to a hill facing the rest house to get an overlooking view of the dam.

Finally at the top of a small hill. We managed to take a pose
to ease tiredness of climbing. 😀

We did a series of pose there with the same view..Hahahahahaha.. My friends were just so photoholic (just using my term).

Salve gives us a Peace sign.. 😀

I told Ritch to be careful to stand on this since the side of the hill is steep..
Like she cares that much.. she striked a pose anyway..hahahahahha

As if looking at something… (Where is the sun?)
If not for these two gals, I wouldn’t dare strike a pose..

I think it is time to pose on my own… Trust me, I not really into pictures cause I am not really photogenic plus the blemishes are so clearly visible up close…Hmmmmmp.. Well this one doesn’t show..So this one is worth-posting!!! hahahahaha

Just posing a dramatic scene to change our signature cute poses.. hahahaha

Mind you the fresh air was really relaxing though we’ve arrived there 3:30 in the afternoon (which is really hot hot hot) we didn’t feel the lurching heat on our skin. With some effort though we managed to take some good pictures. Hahahahahaha

The place was really peaceful, so we need to be really careful as we walk. Respecting unknown creatures thriving the place by saying “Tabi poh” can save you to some danger (seriously). I have visited the place many times but this was the first time I took a lot of pictures.

I ended up the photo session mah self,,,, what can you say??


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