My Girlfriend is an Agent

Cast: Kim Ha Neul, Kang Ji Hwan

Director: Shin Tae-Ra

Genre: Action, Romantic- Comedy

Rating: 7/10

My Girlfriend Is An Agent

My Girlfriend Is An Agent (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Quick Review:

Dumped amidst her mission. Ahn Soo Ji (Kim Ha Neul) was labelled by JaeJoon (Kang Ji Wan) a deceiver because of her job. She doesn’t seem to be the travel agent that she proclaims to be. Yet, she’s not the only one who’s hiding something, Jae Joon himself has not revealed his true self too. Being in a relationship hiding secrets seemed to never worked out, even more when they are soon to be entangled in a mission that will unravel their secret of being an agent. Would there be a chance for them to reconcile?

Movie Highlights:

Kim Ha Neul’s agent skills sets the ambiance of the movie. I never know that she could be good in action scenes.:D  (Watch out the first part of the movie where she chases some bad asses) hehehehehe.
Being a sloppy agent, Ji Hwan gave much of a laugh. It’s awkward though cause I happen to see him too serious in “Lie to Me“.


You can never live in a relationship full of secrets. And there comes the famous phrase that says “Honesty is the best policy”. It’s always good to tell the truth regardless of what.
This movie has quite a resemblance to “Mr. and Mrs. Smith“, only that it is korean of course. 😀


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