Hello Stranger (Thai)

I know that it is a bit late to write something about this movie after it was shown 3 years ago. But I felt so good to write about it after it sinked in to me the second time I watched it. Well the first time didn’t fascinate me maybe because I was really tired and happen to watch a lot of movies before  watching this. What was exciting about it is the fact that it showed a lot of K-drama spots also famous tourist destination in Korea. So k-drama fans wouldn’t miss this in their movie list if they so happen to hear of this movie. (Well, I didn’t miss it either!). Many would of course relate to the female lead who is addicted to k-drama which is an added factor.

It is not just the Korean factor that caught my attention. If Filipinos would closely look at the male lead character they would think that he’s a Robie Domingo look alike (an alumus of the PBB teen edition). Well, I was a fan of Robie and for me he resembles him in some ways.

Hello Stranger

Thai Movie

Cast: Nuengthida SophonChantavit Dhanasevi


Genre: Romantic- Comedy

Rating: 8/10

Quick Review:

Entangled with her dreams of going to Korea (May) is her uptight relationship with her boyfriend. Worried enough that she couldn’t go, she made the decision herself and lied. It was the happiest moment she ever had but would also put her relationship in the brink of break up while meeting a lonely man, who travelled alone (Dang). Both of them decided to travel together and share stories of their painful relationship agreeing not to tell each other’s name. They both have a wonderful time in Korea but the man is left to decide who to choose, now that he has come to fix his relationship with his girlfriend. How hard could it be to find a woman not knowing her name?

Movie Highlights:

Though this is a Thai movie, most scenes are focused on famous K-drama spots, a considerable eye candy for many k-drama fanatics. Aside from that, it features some korean destination to look forward to in case one decides to visit korea in the future.

It was a LOL factor when Dang (Chantavit Dhanasevi) ate the octopus (koreans eat fresh octopus) in exchange for May (Nuengthida Sophon ) drinking the whole soju bottle.  I wonder how it tastes??
Take the lesson from Dang who accidentally ate dog’s meat, it is good to learn some basic korean phrases before going to korea or end up like Dang. And since the girl is a fan of Bae Yung Jun you’ll hear a lot of mentions of him and also meeting his korean impersonator in the movie.

This movie has a lot of LOL factor just enough portrayal of how clueless you can be in a country you’re new to.


Another love comes after heartbreak. You might be hurt before but it can also be another love that will help you recover from your loss.


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