My New Theme

I finally changed my blog theme after two years. I’ve been wanting to do this before but I just can’t find a suitable time to look for themes at wordpress. And aside from the fact that I’m lazy to browse for themes, I also need to arrange my widgets again if I switch to new one (lots of work. right?). This time however, I finally did. I also added my gumamela header image (which for me looks really nice, I don’t know with you guyz).

Gumamela Header LC

What’s with the Gumamela?

There is actually no meaning why I choose Gumamela other than its color was really nice and lovely. Gumamela is a flower found in many tropical countries and it comes with different colors. I also thought that green goes really well with pink that I added a greenish touch on it. I was thinking that since now that I’m fascinated with gumamelas I want it to be the symbol of my life- vibrant and lovely. 😀


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