Sungha Jung: My Fave Guitarist

He’s cute. Decent looking. Reserved. And most of all- a guitar genius. Who would have thought this 16 year old fingerstyle guitarist can take my breath away with his own rendition of famous pop songs, KPOP, country songs and instrumentals. He is definitely one of the few people who has this rare gift which I wish I also had.

Sungha Jung, born in South Korea, has learned to play the guitar since he was 10. And have been uploading his own guitar renditions in the internet later when his dad became fond of him being able to play it quickly at his young age. Check out his youtube channel for all his awesome videos

 How I discovered him?

SunghaJung Website

SunghaJung Website

 I’m a frustrated guitar player. I don’t know how to play it yet admire people who are very good at it. But it is still one of my goals in life and I’m starting to learn it slowly. So then, my friend in college who also loves to play the guitar loves surfing the net for videos. Maybe she was looking for some guitar tutorials that time or videos on how to play songs that she liked that she ended up on Sungha Jung’s youtube video. He was playing Yiruma’s “River flows in you” which is one of my favorite instrumentals. I felt like I melted listening to his own rendition, he gave a different feel to it which is distinguishable from the way Yiruma plays it. I love Sungha’s version just as I loved Yirumas. This tickled my own little mind, being a Korean fan myself, I clicked on his other videos and found a whole lot of them. Woooahhhh!!! This is greaaaaatttt knowing that some of the songs I liked most were given his own rendition.

(Can’t embed the videos, my internet has issues probably, well here are the links of the videos I love) 😀

I was in love with this version of Wonderful Tonight.

Officially Missing You

 Wedding Dress

I also happen to buy an issue of Sparkling Magazine with his interview inside. Some bits to know about him were featured since he had a concert in the Phil that time. Since I also visited his website which is generous in giving a bunch of where to go and what to know, I became his stalker for a short while checking all his videos and pictures posted on twitter. There was this collaborations with different artist foreign and local, and most especially with Jason Mraz who invited Sungha in his concert. Jason describes himself of having a “jawdrop” while watching a video of Sung ha playing his own arrangement of the song “I’m Yours”. Sung ha Jung is definitely a very promising young guitarist of his time no wonder why many people commend him of that.

 Sungha Jung Sparkling Mag

My favorite quote from him, quoted by Sparkling Magazine:

“I can express my feelings and everything on my mind through a guitar”

Watching  his videos, you can definitely see how he enjoys playing every single videos he uploads in his channel (that now reached 600+) . For those people who want him to sing, I don’t see any need of it since his guitar sings for himself.  😀


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