Five people you meet in heaven

by Mitch Albom

Five people You meet in Heaven

Five people You meet in Heaven

Finally, I’m done reading this book. I do regret not finishing it before and reading it just now after months I stopped opening its pages because that somehow decreased my interest on the story itself. But now regardless of what, I’m done reading. My feeling may not be that intense compared to reading “Tuesdays with Morrie” yet this one gave me a whole different view of death.

I fear death but not everyone does I know. I have known death as the darkest phase of life and all through it is pain and regret. You are also face of the fear of where you are going after – Heaven or Hell. Judgment is determined of how good or bad you are, either of this two then you knows where you’re going.

The context of death in this book was precisely woven into something that shouldn’t be feared of. There is no heaven or hell to choose from because you yourself have your own considered heaven. It makes sense to know if there are people you actually meet before going to your own path after death then it gives us a chance to understand and amend what we have done wrong and to sincerely say sorry for doing it. If this is what death is for – then we will be at ease before moving on. I like how Albom foresee these things in his imagination. The interconnectedness of things or people after death is amusing to know as well. And if so happen that death could be this relieving then I fear not of the life after this. 😀


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