Looking for Alaska

by John Green


Photo taken from abookandashortlatte.wordpress.com

Last year famous books caught my attention so much that I happen to acquire one of John Green’s books, entitled “Looking for Alaska”. I have never heard of him except from frequently seeing his lined up books for sale at bookstores. Yet this one book of him got my curiosity. So by the December, I was aching to have a copy of the book but too hesitant to spend my own money for it. I waited until there was an exchanging gift of my team at work and gifts will be based on our own wish list. This book was one of the things I wish to have. And just before the end of Christmas – I got the book.

As this book was all about teenage life-story revolving around adolescence, friendship and growing up, it poses issues on finding once own happiness and purpose, adjusting to situations while meeting new friends on the way, considering what you think would be good enough and bad, and the consequences of enjoying life too much and the boundaries of friendship. This book has lots of things to offer when it comes to in and out of school life.

As Miles goes to look for his “Great Perhaps”, I have understood that it is mainly to escape his sickening life in school and other craps he wanted to get away from. Going in the boarding school might have been a good idea but I don’t agree much with the friends he’s been with more so the pranks that they always do. Though this implied much happiness for Miles while improving his friendship along the way, he has gradually changed his character and the way he viewed a great school life. On the other hand, I don’t find Alaska fascinating as the main focus of the story. But I admit that the end moved me a bit. However, if not for their negligence at some point they could’ve prevented her from dying. Miles as well as the others have let themselves be ruled upon by their hot-girl-friend Alaska. And if Alaska herself could’ve been less dramatic she couldn’t have died. Perhaps the reaction you’ll get after reading it is the main highlight of it all. For you will be able to see where it is at fault and eventually draw your own understanding and draw your own point of what should’ve done.


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