Love You You (2011)

I’ll write something about this movie or else I’ll procrastinate again later.

I’ve been watching chinese films before but it isn’t about rom-coms for normally when it is chinese, I prefer Michelle Youh, Jackie Chan, Jet Lee, etc. Actually, anything with ‘Karate’ is pleasant for me. But when I got fond of Korean Rom-Coms there were a couple of chinese films with the same genre that I came across, I have forgotten most of them since I am way to focused with the Korean ones. I came back watching another chinese rom-com as one friend of mine suggested it to me.

I found this movie’s name funny at first for the “you” is redundant until I found out it was actually a name of a resort in the movie (Well, that’s fine name for a resort, I guess). This is my first time to see these characters but I found their chemistry just perfect. 😀


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Love You You (2011)

Chinese Movie

Cast: AngelababyEddie Peng

Director: Jingle Ma

Genre: Romantic- Comedy

Rating: 8/10

Quick Review:

Xiami’s (Angela Baby) tragic experience at the sea changed her life afterwards. She’s now working as an assistant in a law firm and about to get laid off if not for a client who immediately professed he’s liking of her to do the investigation job for him. With her expertise in lip reading, she was then sent off to an Island in Malaysia to do her investigation against You lu lu (Eddie Peng), who stole her client’s money.

Her preconception of You Lu Lu’s identity as being a thief changed as she worked with him in his resort. She found out he is a loving son and a superb cook. She also figured that her being an investigator was all part of a framed act planned by her client to disqualify You Lu Lu in the competition. A competition put forward by You Lu Lu’s family in participation of his brothers including him to heir their family’s hotel business. With the help of Xiami, You Lu Lu won the competition through proving it was all a frame while exposing her secret of being deaf.

Xiami’s disappointment of the happenings made her leave the Island. Just as she was about to go “Chicken”, You Lu Lu ‘s assistant, left her with a flash drive containing his diary. This changed her assumption of You Lu Lu’s preconception of her disability but when she came back to the resort – he has already gone to chase his dream of being a chef. A year passed, they were both successful on their career, and they meet again, on the same resort, attending the wedding of the couple they helped before.

Movie Highlights

How was being into a ‘supposedly drama moment of a newly wed couple just so to know if the husband is faithful enough’, and you, like Xiami, thought it was for real and comes to the rescue hitting the wedding planner (costumed as the pirate!). Haha. Well, to make it more understandable (this scene was really funny!!!) As Xiami goes to the island in Malaysia she sails on a boat with the newly wed couple and then pirates stop them in the middle of the sea and attempt on killing the bride but Xiami thought it was for real that she threw her shoe right on the face of the pirate. BULLS EYE!! And then the bride later reveals that it was just a “drama” part of her plan to know if his husband was faithful or not. 😀 This was the first meet up with You Lu Lu, who was the pirate.

Love You You 1

Sleep walking can never be more exagge in this movie. However, Xiami’s sleep walking scenes give out a laugh and squeal moments as You Lu Lu helps her with it. (Tying her in a rope connected to him isn’t a bad idea! :D).

Love You You 2


Heart of the sea- main desert. This is probably one important remembrance of the two from each other as this helped Xiami in finding him again one year after.

Love You You 3

The revelation part. Well, I’m not suppose to reveal this huh! Yeah but this part where Xiami reads You Lu Lu’s diary gives her a whole new understanding of him and how she is being loved! 😀


“You’ll find the right person at the right time sometimes even coincidentally.”

“As long as you feel good about yourself, people will feel good about you as well.”

“Leaving everything in the past is part of moving on, you can never live life the way you wanted it to be if you don’t have the courage to forget – by then you will able to see things in a newer perspective.”


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