Life of Pi

My interest in this book was caused by having a copy of the movie itself. I always find it right to read the book first before watching the movie version of it mainly because I want to know the difference and how exact everything is when put into vision. Books make our mind run wild with imagination, with the movie, we can put everything we’re thinking into at ease as we see the clear or exact replica of what we are suppose to be imagining about. I am always keen about this since I don’t want every detail be missed out as I watch the movie or else it’ll disappoint me.

With the assumption also that I might not understand the movie unless I read it. I purchased one. I did read it months ago, just before the movie was shown in Cinemas. First, I wonder what does the tiger  with the boy on the cover mean?? (it seems like posing some act of bravery and fearless manner in the midst of the sea).  I went on, and read the first few pages, I thought it was really boring as I cannot reconcile the zoo experience with the cover. And then I found the connection and read on and on, as the part brought me to the sea, my interest on it grew more and more. (This could be a book worth the patience though). And without knowing I finished it.

Honestly, I was still confused about the role the “Island” plays in the book. (Is it just Piscine’s hallucinations after what happened just to comfort and calm himself down? It would be great if someone could also give their own understanding of it). I find it just a filler towards the end of the book, or perhaps I’m just too lazy to figure out how it matters. Haha. Well, as the end of the book posed two things to believe in which was assumed comparative to choosing what faith or religion to believe in, it got me confused of the underlying truth. It seems like the author is trying to blur the lines of truth and fiction by letting us decide where we are comfortable with. Though he unraveled the real happening towards the end, it is still of my suspicion whether to believe it or not since it was already subjected to the animal story right from the start of the tragedy. No one would want it to seem like people-eating-each-other as the animals are more pleasant to have for at least they are known to be predators or prey. And I see that maybe this is just the thing, sometimes since we are not accustomed to impossible things that we’ve never experience happening, we chose not to believe it and settle to things we consider more believable. For Piscine, he chose to present the story with all the animal characters avoiding the extent of brutality and ruthlessness that he had experience. But right from that part, I was posed with questions, Is it really possible for a man to do it regardless of the likelihood of the situation Piscine has been into? In what other cases perhaps this could be believable, does this what usually happens upon ‘survival of the fittest ‘? 


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