Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War (2004)

I don’t know but I feel like South Korea made really good movies from years 2000 to 2004, am I right or it was just me? Whatever. But most great movies I watched were from those years. And just recently, someone gave me a copy of ‘Tae Guk Gi”. She even told me that it was uninteresting and she haven’t finished watching it. But my curiosity tells me that there’s something to it. And it had!

Photo taken from www.nerdlocker.com

Photo taken from http://www.nerdlocker.com

Tae Guk Gi

Korean Movie

Cast: Jang-Dong Gun, Won Bin

Director:  Kang Je-gyu

Genre: war, drama, action, history

Rating: 8.5/10

Quick review

Jun Tae (Jang-Dong Gun) was a loving brother who does everything for Jun Seok (Won Bin, his brother). Even when it means doing all the hard work for him. So when the war between North and South Korea broke out, and all men aged between 18-35 were sought-after to voluntarily serve the country, Jun Seok was taken as one. Jun Tae, as loving as he is, and who thinks that his brother is fragile as gem in their family, strived to get him back but he failed that both of them had to be soldiers. His overprotective act towards Jun Seok, made his brother think he aims for the medal and doesn’t care of his family at all – this is when he frequently volunteers for all risky mission their group had to take. Jun Seok saw that for every battle they fought, his brother gets tougher and tougher, until he becomes relentless. And he became much worse, when Jun Seok allegedly  dies.

Movie Highlights

I managed to look at all the flesh scenes, which is quite surprising for me since I don’t usually want to watch those. Especially the part where one of Jun Tae’s comrades was terribly injured from the land mine that they need to stitch his stomach where all his intestines are coming out. IT WAS HORRIBLE! – like watching SAW movie I guess. He had lots of maggots on his stomach after the stitching scene- yeeeehh..imagine that?

In war, people and soldiers adhere to orders, and would do it no matter what. Soldiers are really tough cause they consider their own country before a person. There’s no room for an honest mistake. In this sense they became ruthless when they consider civilians guilty without proof. For that I really hate the scene when all civilians were taken for being accused of supporting communists, when in fact they just signed up to get food. Also, the scene when Jun Tae begged not to burn those civilians that includes his brother – how he reacted right after was very fierce.


There’s much to this movie that just war. The feeling of love, betrayal, grief, fear and hate were all depicted and the war triggered it all. People were given limited options, hence there is not much freedom to choose. War movies always make me wonder how would I feel if I’ve been there.


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