Cold Eyes (2013)

I really need to get used to actors, who I usually see doing romantic-comedy series, doing action movies. For Jung Woo Sung, I normally see him do those action so it’s not a surprise, but for Han Hyo Jo this is my first time seeing her (and this also the first time I watched one of her movie). This is the same thing with Kim Ha Neul doing an action movie. But I don’t see it as a bad diversion rather a good one, atleast they are broadening their horizon. Just like Kim Hyun Jung who’s also releasing an action movie and the rest of the actors who is doing the same thing.

Photo taken from

Photo taken from

Cold Eyes
Korean Movie
Cast: Sol Kyung-Gu, Jung Woo Sung, Han Hyo Jo
Director: Cho Ui-Seok, Kim Byung-Seo
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Rating: 8.5/10

Quick Review:
A group of robbery gang targeted Sunsang bank, it becomes a great task for FBI to capture the muggers. But like them, they are wiser than what they think they are. Detective Hwang (Sol Kyung Gu), his team and his newly hired agent Piglet, Detective Ha Yoon Joo (Han Hyo Jo)who’s eidetic memory has all the answers, chases them until it leads them to the leader James (Jung Woo Sung). With the loss of their comrade in the mission, they won’t stop until it gets done.

Movie Highlights:
I am very much captivated with characters having good memories, that’s why I like Sherlock, Sheldon Cooper among others. Other than it’s great, I think that role is pretty cool to handle. And the coolness portrayed by Han Hyo Jo is just the way I wanted it. this is a sort of a leeway from all her roles as romantic- love-interest. And that uncombed-looking hair with the short bangs had me!

Jung Woo Sung, has done good again this time in his villain role. What more can I say?? Just watch the action scenes and how Han Hyo Jo solves the case with her memory. 😀

Some villains are just really bad. There is no chance for them to be good. hahahahahahaha


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