Liar Game Season 1 (2007)

I haven’t seen Japanese series in a while. My last was the’ Absolute Boyfriend’ Japanese Live Action, which was a year ago, that lead me to knowing Mizushima Hiro. I’m always open to any Asian series suggestion for I don’t want to miss anything that can be worth watching. It doesn’t matter if it’s ten years back or even older as long as it’s interesting to me. So for this, I took the suggestion of a friend who has been so avid to Japanese series and films in awhile. In fact, she has lots of downloaded copies that I even had a hard time choosing. To make It easy, she gave me a  list of the series she personally liked and I’m now watching them one by one (though time is an issue because of work, but knowing me I can always find time for these kinds of things.. hahaha).

Well going back, for any person who so loved Detective Conan or mind games. This one is for you. But if you have already watched movies or series similar to this the games posed might not be so interesting. Yet for me, this is something new so I really appreciate every single bit of it. I love the part where Akiyamas’ winning trick is revealed . I sometimes have a hard time following the explanation of how his tricks are done. If this is your first time, it might be slightly difficult to guess or anticipate what they did inorder to win (but if you will be able to guess right, maybe I’m just too dumb not to figure it out??? Hehehehe  Srsly, I congratulate you for thinking the same as the director or writer of this).

Hope you’ll enjoy watching the series (if you would) the same way I did. 😀

Japanese Series
Cast: Erika Toda, Matsuda Shota
Director:  Matsuyama HiroakiOki Ayako , Ueda Yasushi
Genre: Psychological thriller
Rating: 9/10
Quick Review:

You’ll never meet a person as honest as Nao Kanzaki (Erika Toda)- she’s too good to be true to exist but she does exist. The measure of her pureness will be tested as she enters the game that could either change her own perspective or the others – the ‘Liar Game’. But she never wanted to bea  part of it, yet there’s no chance of holding back. So,  through the aid of a swindler named Shinichi Akiyama (Matsuda Shota), whom she personally convinced to help. She gets on the game, and even advances from the others.


Every stage of the game gives thrills when you see how Akiyama planned his tricks in order to win. I actually don’t wanna think about it and would just try and wait for Akiyama to say his speech of how it worked. And tada! I usually end up not figuring out 😦

You see a great liar himself, Akiyama, works with a very honest girl. But a great deal of honesty gives out much benefit than what you can imagine. Being good is not that easy, yet can be an aspect of change for everyone. (There I said the clue, sigh*)

There are times that Nao can be so irritating but for me I managed to watch her like that towards the end. He’s got Akiyama as her “knight in shining armor anyway”. hehehehehe:D


Sometimes you need to believe in people, cause what it takes is to believe them for them to believe  in themselves.

Honesty is the best policy. What if people like Nao exists in real life? – that ain’t normal is it? hahahhahaha… but a person like her tells us that it is always right to contain the goodness in us over our wickedness. Honest people make everyone happy, and everything that can make the world such a sinful place can cease to exist, If all people have this quality.

Forgiveness is not easy to give – but not forgiving someone is a greater burden than giving it away.

If you can’t get enough of it, try watching season 2 and the movie finale.. 😀 😀


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