That Thing Called Tadhana

Cast: JM de Guzman, Angelica Panganiban
Director: Antoinette Jadaone Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy
Rating: 8.5/10

Quick Review: Break up. Paasa. Heartache. Lost. These words were not enough to describe Mace’s feeling after she got dumped by her boyfriend for eight long years. Yes, eight-year relationship thrown away by the phrase “I don’t love you anymore, you may leave now” (Hindi na kita mahal pwede ka nang umalis). For him it was easy as that, but for Mace it was, heck, painful. And now she is in a country, where she thought she’ll be starting a new life but suddenly she’s leaving . And her baggage is even giving her a hard time to check in. Yet, being in her helpless self, a guy good enough, came to guide her in moving on. Their journey started, from Italy to the beautiful  Province of Sagada.

Highlights: Reality, is what this movie portrays. They made the conversations realistic like it happened in some random people you see in a restaurant. Places where the scenes of the movie were shot, were a good choice too. And I like it because I’ve been to most of them 🙂 For the best scenes. I’ll have a rundown.

  1. Panty hand-over. This is at the start. JM offered to put some of her excess baggage in his bag. But before his thoughtfulness, she had several attempt of reducing her luggage’s weight by putting some of her clothes/undies in the trash. And when he offered, she picked those up and hand her thongs to him. Awkward.
  2. Plane drama. Mace can’t help but cry over the infamous movie “One more chance”. She cries out loud that it gets scandalous when she declines the tissue offered by the flight attendant.
  3. Phone irritation. She’s making a scene on this by constantly telling the phone owner, out-loud, that it is ringing, and the ringtone so much reminds her of something.
  4. Her love story. Mace tells her story to JM, and he comments in all honesty. This is when she says “Friends ba tayo? Tangina, sakit mong magsalita ah!”
  5. Where do broken hearts go?. Its funny just watch it.
  6. Eidetic memory. She remembers everything about her ex.
  7. Pay game. She tells JM to make her pay everytime she mentions her ex.
  8. Maganda ba ko? This is the time she asks JM if she’s beautiful. I like JM’s response on this, a thing a man would say.

Remarks: Long relationships amaze me but it is not the measure of love. You can fall in love to n an instant, if he is the right one. Nobody tells you to be foolish, but love can easily turn you into one.


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