Harder than you think

Growing up is hard, in fact even harder as that age exceed the calendar. Sometimes you need to assess whether your problem is really a problem or just one of those petty things that’ll pass. Brooding over issues isn’t practical or else you’ll die young.

At some point, we miss being young, when people around understand our heartaches and pains. And when we can be spoiled with their love and care. But we are brought up in such a way that we need to know how to live by ourselves. We forget that by living on our own, more love and care should be given to us.

Adult’s mind understands a lot, we do so to avoid judgment, but as we try to understand every detail of a living soul we forget ourselves – whether we are hurting or not. We love to keep it all in, until we can no longer handle it and wait for a person who might notice and understand our pain, struggle and loneliness.  But all through it is a choice between moving on or remaining just there.


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