Phobia, Shmobia

It is the people, great people.

They give me a great deal of intimidation. Some great people I met boast whatever they have that I don’t have or wherever they’ve been that I have never been. I’ve come to think they do it on purpose so I can reflect on how little I am. And they won – I did pity myself and hate myself for doing so little and being afraid to try. For years, all I did was that. But I was hurting myself more than ever if I continued, so I stopped, detoured and changed my perspective.

I still remember years ago meeting this guy who claims to be a photographer, he knew my course and even mentioned I knew photography since its part of the course I’m taking. “Not really’, I responded. I wasn’t confident about it since all we do in our photography class is crap, and I haven’t even developed the skills because of the lack of equipment and practicum. Yet he handed me his DLSR (which I haven’t even tried using before) so to put me on the spot. I was shaking holding it, pretending I know the craft I clicked it  (atleast I knew how to handle the cam though). But I will never forget the smirk on his face while looking on the pictures I took, he made fun of it. He was a jerk and we were in front of many people. Since, then I vowed to learn it and be good at it.

Changing what you’ve grown to believe in wasn’t easy. I had to surround myself with different people, each assessing how I can make use of their experiences to make me a better me. Then I learned, that all of us are equal in front of God. There’s no point proving how much you are worth. And if people claim to be the best let them be, most of the things we don’t know can be learned anyway, and we are always the best in front of God.


This post was written in reponse to Blogging University’s Daily Prompts: Phobia, Shmobia


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