Dead end (for now)

The moment when you need to crack your head open to see what’s happening inside. This is currently the time of doom for me, it happens, once in a while.

The unusual thing is I don’t know what to feel or what I should feel. I want to cry so hard, shout with all might, meet that big truck while crossing the street, stab myself , jump from the tallest building – all to end this agony of emotions.

I wonder if anyone can ever get used to this feeling, if they, how are they able to handle it so well?

I was never good at anything maybe (except talking in straight English, heck!) Yet we all live to fool ourselves and maybe I just did.


2 thoughts on “Dead end (for now)

  1. Time is the best healer leya, were all at some point of time in life go through such breakdowns. But one must learn to fight, to take lessons and move on. Moreover, one must learn to live for others and find happiness in others’ happiness. My best wishes! 😊

    • I almost cried reading your comment. Thank you very much for the positive words, I really need that at the moment.
      Read one of your posts! I think you felt the same way I feel now.

      Best Regards! 🙂

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