People talk. They  do. Whether it is disgusting, funny, weird, painful and sad. They all talk about it.

But about mine. I bet they are talking right now. Geeezz! I don’t want this to get into me, but it is slowly seeping through my veins. Like a venom, just waiting for me to lose my senses and snap. And I tell you, I am getting tired of being strong, so if there is a chance for me to just cry nonstop – all to get this feeling of disappointment, sadness, vagueness and embarrassment – I’ll take a hold of it.

Moving on is hard. Life decision is hard. Starting from scratch is hard. Liking is hard. Being confused is hard. Quarter life crisis is freakin’ hard. But all of these are passing. I just can’t wait until it is all done. (big sigh*)



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