Myself is talking to me

I guess I did all kinds of talking to myself the weirdest possible. And this is one of those moments. (*Sigh).  __________________________________________________________________________________________________

You want to escape from this closed tiny empty room of emotions you thought were gone.

You have grown quite accustomed to the idea of deviating yourself from what you actually feel. Yeah, you always fool yourself girl, you haven’t just mastered it, you nailed it. But just like the frequent line in a song that you always sing when you are alone, you can’t hide what you feel, what you look and what you think – there is a point in time when it goes out without warning. And then all those walls you build that prevent you from feeling exactly what you feel fall down just like that.

People will listen to you but will never fully understand. Yet, you have to convince yourself it’s okay. It’s not their battle anyway, it is within yourself.

Yeah, damn that man who made you feel this way! But you don’t need to blame him too much. You were the one who did this, you have to finish it yourself.


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