Emo again

I can’t even imagine how messed up I am.

If only I have decided a long time ago this wouldn’t hurt that much. If only I have laid all my plans like a law that I could never break, everything would’ve been fine. And now I’m torn between roads I don’t even know what to take. So how does one decide on happiness, contentment, passion and comfort? No one had it all because there is always at stake. And no one achieved true success without sacrificing too much.

I bleed for hurting myself so much now. I even got used to the pain that I have become insensitive.


4 thoughts on “Emo again

  1. There are some points in our lives when we are facing several crossroads. Be it for joy, contentment, passion, love–we are to decide based on what really matters. Whatever your decision is, you are accountable for it and make sure it really is the best option on that moment. You may stumble and fall along the way but if you chose the right way you’ll stand up and eventually fight until the end.

    • Nin, thanks for this meaningful comment. I’m guessing you’ve been through this as well? hehehe Yeah, I guess I go with the best option at this moment. I just got the answer nin. I hope this works well for me. If not, I can try and try again. Trying is free naman eh. I just need to be strong enough to take the emotional and physical impact it’ll make.

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