Can you imagine yourself holding it all in? Cause you know once you let that feeling out, you’ll be making another disaster that you will, again, regret. This short written note made weeks ago expresses exactly how I felt.


If pride is a building. Mine would have been the tallest one. For tonight, I build my own walls just to not be humiliated, ridiculed and mocked.
I like you so bad that I’m going to burst any moment you are on my sight. The only way for me not to feel weak is to keep my distance, to be invisible, to be gone..
I’ve been strong enough to hold it all in so this one… I’ll try not to break the walls I built. This is the only way to do it so I won’t hurt myself anymore


5 thoughts on “Pride

  1. “I like you so bad that I’m going to burst any moment you are on my sight.”

    ~As your fairy-god friend, I hate to hear you say this. But since sometimes, we can’t stop what we feel. Fine. Go ahead, drown your self with your feelings but if one day you decide to get out of that mess, save yourself. My helping hands won’t do any good. I like to see you save yourself. Coz that’s the Fatima I know. A strong-willed woman. ❤

    • OMGEEE! Pahungaw ra na Sal.. this is a very OA post, I must say. The feeling will remain just there (during the time I wrote this). And no, it’s not the same way now.
      I’m still in my sanity naman sal hahaha, and yes you’re right I need to save myself. And I’m currently saving myself. hehehe

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