Often, thoughts bother me. I guess this is the consequence of being exposed to too many different people and awkward situations – confusion.

Thinking rationally is sometimes off the window. I become insane sometimes, you know, that I find myself not doing the right thing. Actually, when a premise bothers me I think of the appropriate way to react. And this brings me to consider all the previous situations I am in and other people’s experiences I have observed to come up with just the right way to deal with ‘one premise’. Oftentimes, I don’t get that ‘right way’ because I usually drop the thinking and stick to a half-baked retort. All because it causes me headache, really.

Doing that, however,  is failing to do critical thinking. Doing so makes me lazy.

Back to the premise. What I want to say is, I think I couldn’t make the most out of my previous experiences because I lack the decision making skills to come up with a good decision. I do think of the best decision but I just couldn’t get it most of the time. Sigh*


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