A response to the ‘Word-High July’ daily prompt organized by bloggers Maria and Rosema.

Today’s Tagalog word is “Silakbo” or emotional outburst in English.

Mine tells a story of two lovers who met at the airport. I tried to get into that slowmo feeling which I hope was conveyed right. I just left it hanging …

In the midst of the raging crowd at the airport, I found you. Staring at your Rolex waiting for that flight that will change your entire life.

I was seated there staring at you, as you walk towards me sighting the empty seat someone had just left behind. We had that 5 seconds of frozen moment – when your eyes were fixed to mine. We both smiled, and you say “Hi”. My heart fluttered . From then I knew what it was.

Funny, how fate can be so absurd. We boarded that same plane, and seated next to each other.  It was the flight that changed both our lives.


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