It is impossible now

A response to the ‘Word-High July’ daily prompt organized by bloggers Maria and Rosema.

Today’s Tagalog word is “Pahimakas” or last farewell in English.

This is not really the original one that I wrote because I happen to close the window I am working on without saving it as a draft. Anyway, I tried to remember everything in verbatim but I can’t really get back to some of the words. This is the best I can retrieve from my memory.

Getting back together is impossible now. You know that. Unless you cull that one person out of your life who made my life miserable.

I have a big problem with people who made my life difficult. And I don’t think liking you is enough to make all the hatred disappear. So, I need to be away, away from the pessimists dragging me down to the depths of despair.

If I stayed, I’m certain you are not going to save me from being miserable. You’ll just listen for goodness sake. Maybe because you know less of the world I am in, you are scared, and not a man enough to handle my tantrums, my dilemma that have finally went out.

If we get back together it is not in this moment. It will be somewhere distant where only the two of us know each other.  A new place, with new people, and new us.

❤ Kate


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