The beauty of being alone

It was my choice to be alone because I need to be. It is so much bother to be with people whom I think would not understand why I am who I am, and easy to be with myself at my own expense. Solitude is where my world spins.

Yes I do have friends, yet they are like planets that revolve around me in their own orbits. And I have my own orbit as well or a personal space as we may call it. Yet mine is a very exclusive one for most of the time I keep most of the things to myself.

I like the serenity that comes from  being solitary.  I listen to the different thoughts in my head. Challenge issues in it which remain vague to me and need deeper understanding. Sometimes I find myself typing my thoughts in a computer or getting myself engrossed on a piece of art or books. When myself craves for music, I get myself drunk to it.

I can travel kilometers away from home alone. I’m alone but not lonely as I find people to converse with in a every journey. And if you’d dare me, I can watch movies in theatre solo. I can probably go over three times in a row. Because I love movies in big screen, the crisp background music, sound effects and voice overs. DVDs can never replicate that.

Moreover, I love being myself with myself. Because for me I need to consume most of my time loving myself first before I can fully love others.

— The girl who is used to being alone


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