Not the usual day

Should I get a psychologist? And talk about everything that has been maddening me every now and then. I’ve got a lot of issues. Issues which no mere mortal, should I say, normal person would be able to comprehend. Why do I know? Because I tried explaining things to them and all I got was a blank stare.

You see, I need a person to listen, to care. I need a human with a compassionate heart. I’ve had so much of the hurt okay, and I don’t think I can handle so much pain for now. Pain makes me weak, negative, vulnerable, and innocent. And people I know take advantage of that.

Looking for people who can understand me takes time. And I need them now. I think I have exhausted my friends’ listening ears already, calling them is not a wise choice. I need a reliever. Would a psychologist suffice? I hope so.


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