Control freak

“Do not impose the way you do things because there are hundreds of ways it can be done.”

Reading that phrase, first thing that comes to mind is “control freak”. There are people who can’t seem to acknowledge variety and force their own opinion into someone’s style. It is very disturbing, really, having these  people around, who sometimes appear to be our boss, workmate, classmate, parents, and friends whom we need to get along with.

There is really no such ‘guidelines’ that exists on how to handle them but what I know is it requires a great deal of ‘tenacity’ dealing with them. I met these people before and they had me cry most of the time. One person I met in my early years at work tend to be more experienced than me which put me on a disadvantage, who kept blabbering about the way he did things successfully that I should imitate doing. The thing is, mine was a whole different context and I would appreciate it if he would have given me a chance to explore on my own. But he didn’t, he continued being proud and bossing around.

I personally hate it when I feel like dictating someone what to do. It seems I grabbed that person freedom to do what he wants. And I am not fond of shaming other people in front of everyone for their mistakes, that’s embarrassing, and could lower self-esteem. I am probably talking about that from experience because it can lead to disappointment and frustration – those feelings can stay for long. And it can be very painful if bad feelings stay for a period of time.

So if you meet a control freak, try to be more assertive on how you do things. Show him you can do it on your own, if you can’t, try to ask people around who can give you a  hand without embarrassing you. We are different kinds of people who do things differently – it can be the easy way or difficult way – doesn’t matter – because we all aim to come up with the same. Yet understanding this takes open-mindedness, so dare to accept people as they are and be an optimist rather than a pessimist.


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