Insights from a blogger’s post

Months ago, I read a blog post from a prominent travel blogger-photographer. I’ve been following his blog ever since I read his post on ‘mini-retirement’, a sort of soul searching in your 20’s where you indulge yourself into travelling to discover more about yourself. His mini-retirement post hit me to core. But I cannot risk my job and do months of travelling that he did. The least I could do is to travel in between work to clear off my messed up head so I can start afresh.

Reading his follow up post about his life after two years of ‘mini-retirement’, I felt like he  is echoing what my mind has kept on telling me unconsciously. We constantly look for meaning and I’m glad he is starting to find his. He is a very well-paid man in the media world before but has later found the work so dull that despite luxury and fat check, he found himself meaningless. We all go through that stage in our lives but unlike the others who stick with that reality for stability, he decided to risk what he had at the moment for the purpose of finding meaning to his own. Yeah he was lucky to have a very good job that paid big which enabled him to sustain all his travel plans for 2 years. But as what he said, unlike before when he don’t even know how to spend all his earnings, now he found a reason to spend it through travelling. He is still a process yet to unfold but enjoying what he is currently doing – running his own business and nurturing his freelance career. All those travels made him the best version of himself and has improved him even more than what he can actually hope for. But I guess there’s one thing that we both realized after all those travels, to achieve success we all have to be consistent and focused. Transferring from one thing to another will never get someone anywhere until we focus on something that we are really good at and nurture it.

You may read his stories, reviews, and check out his artworks at 


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