About me

You can call me Famz. It sounds unique for me when people call me that as this is the most uncommon nickname someone has given to me.

I love KPOP and Korean Drama. Well as a whole I love Asian Drama (Asianovelas). I also read books when I”m not busy and when there are tons of books worth reading. πŸ˜€

My blog is all about my faves, hobbies, rants and things I love doing. There are actually lots of them so this blog is pretty much assorted.


Introspection: (Some negative side of me that I came up to when I was alone and hungry hahahahahaha!)
Figuring out myself:

  •  At times I get overreacting when I’m really overwhelmed. I have this weird happiness thing which only few people can relate to but some manage to understand anyway.
  • Analyzing my happiness in depth, it’s just very shallow. If people know what I like and gives me something based on it, I’d really appreciate it.
  • I’m deeply fascinated with so much attention focused on me but not to the point that I’m being very self-centered. Acknowledging my work overwhelms me a lot and gives me a reason to work harder. The problem is I get very upset with negative comments for a while before I manage to be optimistic once again. I’m pretty thankful that I haven’t gotten really upset to the point that I can’t move on.
  • I often feel I have this aggressive attitude. I get the lead on things when it comes to my friends. Perhaps, I adhere to my principles too much that it gets pretty obvious to my peers.
  • I do think that speaking what’s on your mind is the best way to deal with things (yeah regardless whether it’s oppressive or not). Maybe I came up with this through experience. Sometimes saying what’s true is the best way to settle things up and to draw the line of limitation. But it depends upon how you say it that makes it oppressive.
  • “I like what like, I hate what I hate”– haven’t changed this attitude since then. Perhaps, I’m prejudiced. But somehow I think I managed to be open on things already.
  • I regress when I’m so much pressured. Usually I regress when I’m afraid to fail because people are expecting too much from me that I can’t handle the pressure any longer. My enthusiasm is high when people don’t know me and I can’t expect someone talking about me behind my back.
  • I think a lot. Sometimes it just don’t stop. I think whether what I did was okay or not. Whether I was embarrassing or astounding and many other things.
  • I’m insensitive, it’s my way to get things smooth for me. I ignore things so it won’t worry me too much. And the easiest way to make them feel nothing happened.
  • I hate people who make me feel poor, cause I already am, they’ll just making it worse!! πŸ˜€

You can also check out my other blog famzleya.blogspot.com.. HAPPY Blogging!! πŸ˜€


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