My years in high school were drawn to lots of asianovelas on TV. Those were the years when they were starting to become popular.  I was there, been part of how it started and have observed pretty much all of the asianovelas shown. For me, none of them had to be missed. Every story and character are so precious that missing them won’t make me a superb novela reviewer. But then, just when I thought that I am very updated of all the fuss and buzz, I have come to meet people who are very drawn to them more often than myself due to the advent of internet which gave them an advantage. Most of them are good friends of course, and gave me motivation to pursue my amusement.

My great preference to love stories lead me to like asianovelas, which are very wholesome and teenage like stories (well most of them are). The time meteor garden reached Philippine TV, I burst out giggling waiting for it to be aired. I could still remember the music of their advertisement, the names of the characters and story that captured the heart of may Filipino people. It became very popular that the F4 fever lasted for years. The success of meteor garden opened doors to many asianovelas henceforth, from Taiwanese, Korean to Japanese series.garden01

At first, it was difficult to tell whenever you’re watching Japanese, Korean or Taiwanese. But later on I became very particular of the differences of their characters and stories that I was able to distinguish them from one another. Taiwanese series are the first one to become popular on Philippine TV, ensued by Korean and Japanese series but later on in the years 2005 onwards Korean series take on the lead because most of their stories fit Filipino’s taste.
Korean series are cute with their gestures and acting. They are prominent for creating most romantic scenes in a funny kind of way. With Japanese it is more on comic style, like an anime put into live action. Taiwanese has a resemblance with Korean series only that it is more serious and the way they act is really different from the latter.

Asianovelas depict fictional plot and characters different from what we have from the reality. Of course they are scripted that makes it impossible for them to happen in real life. The most perfect love stories are probably those we see on these asian series yet there is no such word as perfect in real life. However, watching them became my hobby and amusement when I’m at my lowest point and a way to escape from reality every once in a while.


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