Anime Avidness: The Start of it

Aside from watching Koreanovelas, I watch anime as well. But all in the same genre- love story. Well, the history of all the love-story avidness is traced back when I was little. During those innocent days of my childhood, the first story that I have gotten to know was Cinderella. My father bought us a children’s book of fairytale princesses that was so large. I could even remember that I had a hard time opening it because of its size that was almost close to mine. I often read that book with my sister that we eventually memorized it. My fondness of fairytale that time lead me to assume that someday my own prince would come. Well, I was so little back then and was so delusional with the fairytale stuff(haha).
But it was just the start of it. When I was in kindergarten, my sister and I got addicted to sailor moon. Just because we were so into it, we bought sailor moon paper dolls that were sold in our school and we have collected a bunch of it. We played with the paper dolls and pair them up with the guy ones. We often compose a story with the paper dolls to make it more interesting. And then wedding peach ensued, we were fascinated about it because the characters appear like in the sailor moon and of course it also had a good lovestory in it.
There were lots of animes followed after wedding peach that I could barely remember all of them. I could just remember the most interesting one that hightened my sister and I’s avidness to anime lovestories- Fushigi Yuugi. That was a really good anime. It was shown every Friday night after Pokemon. We were thankful of the time slot because it was after schooldays. Because if it was not, our father won’t let us watch it. Of course, we told our father that there was this anime that we were really fond about that we really need to watch every Friday night. He agreed to us though.
After that, I found myself craving for more anime. From then on I always stay tuned in for upcoming animes on TV. I remembered watching Ranma 1/2, Slam Dunk, Ah my goddess!, Inuyasha, Gundam Seed, Pichi Pichi Peach etc. But that wasn’t enough for me because I know that I wasn’t so updated with the new released anime since our TV was not cable. And during those days I was not an internet savvy not until I went into College that I’ve been more engaged on internet usage. That was the time when I started to read manga online and reviews, visit blogs and like anime pages. I also found friends who were anime fanatic like myself and who always give me copies of animes I haven’t watched. My avidness motivated me to collect anime tapes. My father don’t know it, but whenever I get my allowance I usually buy anime tapes that would interest me. Those were not original though because I can’t afford to buy expensive ones. Since I’m always at school and studying, buying tapes also gave me a chance to watch animes I failed to watch on TV or those that I haven’t seen before during summer. There were more or less 15 anime tapes that I have collected (except for e-copies/soft copies) and the number is still increasing. I know for others it is just a small number cause definitely there are lots of anime fans out there who have a collection greater than mine. For me collecting and watching anime is not just a hobby. It also serves as my amusement whenever I’m at my lowest point.

So tell me, How did you come up to like anime?


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