That Thing Called Tadhana

Cast: JM de Guzman, Angelica Panganiban
Director: Antoinette Jadaone Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy
Rating: 8.5/10

Quick Review: Break up. Paasa. Heartache. Lost. These words were not enough to describe Mace’s feeling after she got dumped by her boyfriend for eight long years. Yes, eight-year relationship thrown away by the phrase “I don’t love you anymore, you may leave now” (Hindi na kita mahal pwede ka nang umalis). For him it was easy as that, but for Mace it was, heck, painful. And now she is in a country, where she thought she’ll be starting a new life but suddenly she’s leaving . And her baggage is even giving her a hard time to check in. Yet, being in her helpless self, a guy good enough, came to guide her in moving on. Their journey started, from Italy to the beautiful  Province of Sagada.

Highlights: Reality, is what this movie portrays. They made the conversations realistic like it happened in some random people you see in a restaurant. Places where the scenes of the movie were shot, were a good choice too. And I like it because I’ve been to most of them 🙂 For the best scenes. I’ll have a rundown.

  1. Panty hand-over. This is at the start. JM offered to put some of her excess baggage in his bag. But before his thoughtfulness, she had several attempt of reducing her luggage’s weight by putting some of her clothes/undies in the trash. And when he offered, she picked those up and hand her thongs to him. Awkward.
  2. Plane drama. Mace can’t help but cry over the infamous movie “One more chance”. She cries out loud that it gets scandalous when she declines the tissue offered by the flight attendant.
  3. Phone irritation. She’s making a scene on this by constantly telling the phone owner, out-loud, that it is ringing, and the ringtone so much reminds her of something.
  4. Her love story. Mace tells her story to JM, and he comments in all honesty. This is when she says “Friends ba tayo? Tangina, sakit mong magsalita ah!”
  5. Where do broken hearts go?. Its funny just watch it.
  6. Eidetic memory. She remembers everything about her ex.
  7. Pay game. She tells JM to make her pay everytime she mentions her ex.
  8. Maganda ba ko? This is the time she asks JM if she’s beautiful. I like JM’s response on this, a thing a man would say.

Remarks: Long relationships amaze me but it is not the measure of love. You can fall in love to n an instant, if he is the right one. Nobody tells you to be foolish, but love can easily turn you into one.


Cold Eyes (2013)

I really need to get used to actors, who I usually see doing romantic-comedy series, doing action movies. For Jung Woo Sung, I normally see him do those action so it’s not a surprise, but for Han Hyo Jo this is my first time seeing her (and this also the first time I watched one of her movie). This is the same thing with Kim Ha Neul doing an action movie. But I don’t see it as a bad diversion rather a good one, atleast they are broadening their horizon. Just like Kim Hyun Jung who’s also releasing an action movie and the rest of the actors who is doing the same thing.

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Cold Eyes
Korean Movie
Cast: Sol Kyung-Gu, Jung Woo Sung, Han Hyo Jo
Director: Cho Ui-Seok, Kim Byung-Seo
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Rating: 8.5/10

Quick Review:
A group of robbery gang targeted Sunsang bank, it becomes a great task for FBI to capture the muggers. But like them, they are wiser than what they think they are. Detective Hwang (Sol Kyung Gu), his team and his newly hired agent Piglet, Detective Ha Yoon Joo (Han Hyo Jo)who’s eidetic memory has all the answers, chases them until it leads them to the leader James (Jung Woo Sung). With the loss of their comrade in the mission, they won’t stop until it gets done.

Movie Highlights:
I am very much captivated with characters having good memories, that’s why I like Sherlock, Sheldon Cooper among others. Other than it’s great, I think that role is pretty cool to handle. And the coolness portrayed by Han Hyo Jo is just the way I wanted it. this is a sort of a leeway from all her roles as romantic- love-interest. And that uncombed-looking hair with the short bangs had me!

Jung Woo Sung, has done good again this time in his villain role. What more can I say?? Just watch the action scenes and how Han Hyo Jo solves the case with her memory. 😀

Some villains are just really bad. There is no chance for them to be good. hahahahahahaha

Hear Me (2009)

First and foremost, I think everyone especially deaf advocates will love this movie cause it makes normal people understand how and what they feel. Though there are lots of dead air because they don’t talk, you will appreciate all the sign language and facial expressions of the actors. I am personally intrigue with deaf people before since I happen to have a cousin which we don’t usually see and have a conversation with. Until one day, at our family reunion, I realized that she must have sometimes felt left out because our cousins seldom approach her. I tried to approach her since then and start to converse using our cellphones. And then I went to volunteer and right at our debrief met deaf volunteers who were very enthusiastic and hopeful people. All of them were just really optimistic. I felt like they have overpowered my timidity that I realized why can’t I be confident like them. And that was start of it – they’ve become my inspiration to draw my own confidence from, they’ve inspired me even more to be myself and to do what I love doing. When I went home after my placement, I tried to visit my cousin again. This time I already know how to do a few  sign language. I’ve even discovered that she is more avid to korean series than me. 😀

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Hear Me

Taiwanese Movie

Cast: Yuan Yang, Jackie Chen

Director: Cheng Fen Fen

Genre: Romance, comedy, drama

Rating: 8/10

Quick Review:

Yang-yang (Ivy Chen) has been very supportive of her older sister Xiao Peng (Yanxi Chen) . She considers her sister’s dream as hers that she lets her sister train hard for the deaflympics while she works her butt-off to cover their expenses. Then Tian Kuo (Eddie Pend), a meal delivery guy , comes into the picture, who breaks their silent life as sisters. Yang-yang must learn to know her dreams and give her self a priority as her sister demands for it.

Movie Highlights:

Now I’m a fan of Yuan Yang, he’s just so good with facial expression that I can’t help but laugh – if some of you watched any of his movie you might really appreciate his acting. Keep track as he uses sign language it’s hilarious! And also, how’s being a tree in front of Yang-yang’s house with that ‘tree’ phrase that he come out with?

And definitely the good-all twist towards the end. I don’t want you to guess or pre-empt anything so I won’t be telling it. 😀


Here’s a quote from the movie itself: “Love and dreams are miraculous. They don’t need to be heard, to be said, or translated “

Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War (2004)

I don’t know but I feel like South Korea made really good movies from years 2000 to 2004, am I right or it was just me? Whatever. But most great movies I watched were from those years. And just recently, someone gave me a copy of ‘Tae Guk Gi”. She even told me that it was uninteresting and she haven’t finished watching it. But my curiosity tells me that there’s something to it. And it had!

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Tae Guk Gi

Korean Movie

Cast: Jang-Dong Gun, Won Bin

Director:  Kang Je-gyu

Genre: war, drama, action, history

Rating: 8.5/10

Quick review

Jun Tae (Jang-Dong Gun) was a loving brother who does everything for Jun Seok (Won Bin, his brother). Even when it means doing all the hard work for him. So when the war between North and South Korea broke out, and all men aged between 18-35 were sought-after to voluntarily serve the country, Jun Seok was taken as one. Jun Tae, as loving as he is, and who thinks that his brother is fragile as gem in their family, strived to get him back but he failed that both of them had to be soldiers. His overprotective act towards Jun Seok, made his brother think he aims for the medal and doesn’t care of his family at all – this is when he frequently volunteers for all risky mission their group had to take. Jun Seok saw that for every battle they fought, his brother gets tougher and tougher, until he becomes relentless. And he became much worse, when Jun Seok allegedly  dies.

Movie Highlights

I managed to look at all the flesh scenes, which is quite surprising for me since I don’t usually want to watch those. Especially the part where one of Jun Tae’s comrades was terribly injured from the land mine that they need to stitch his stomach where all his intestines are coming out. IT WAS HORRIBLE! – like watching SAW movie I guess. He had lots of maggots on his stomach after the stitching scene- yeeeehh..imagine that?

In war, people and soldiers adhere to orders, and would do it no matter what. Soldiers are really tough cause they consider their own country before a person. There’s no room for an honest mistake. In this sense they became ruthless when they consider civilians guilty without proof. For that I really hate the scene when all civilians were taken for being accused of supporting communists, when in fact they just signed up to get food. Also, the scene when Jun Tae begged not to burn those civilians that includes his brother – how he reacted right after was very fierce.


There’s much to this movie that just war. The feeling of love, betrayal, grief, fear and hate were all depicted and the war triggered it all. People were given limited options, hence there is not much freedom to choose. War movies always make me wonder how would I feel if I’ve been there.

Love You You (2011)

I’ll write something about this movie or else I’ll procrastinate again later.

I’ve been watching chinese films before but it isn’t about rom-coms for normally when it is chinese, I prefer Michelle Youh, Jackie Chan, Jet Lee, etc. Actually, anything with ‘Karate’ is pleasant for me. But when I got fond of Korean Rom-Coms there were a couple of chinese films with the same genre that I came across, I have forgotten most of them since I am way to focused with the Korean ones. I came back watching another chinese rom-com as one friend of mine suggested it to me.

I found this movie’s name funny at first for the “you” is redundant until I found out it was actually a name of a resort in the movie (Well, that’s fine name for a resort, I guess). This is my first time to see these characters but I found their chemistry just perfect. 😀


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Love You You (2011)

Chinese Movie

Cast: AngelababyEddie Peng

Director: Jingle Ma

Genre: Romantic- Comedy

Rating: 8/10

Quick Review:

Xiami’s (Angela Baby) tragic experience at the sea changed her life afterwards. She’s now working as an assistant in a law firm and about to get laid off if not for a client who immediately professed he’s liking of her to do the investigation job for him. With her expertise in lip reading, she was then sent off to an Island in Malaysia to do her investigation against You lu lu (Eddie Peng), who stole her client’s money.

Her preconception of You Lu Lu’s identity as being a thief changed as she worked with him in his resort. She found out he is a loving son and a superb cook. She also figured that her being an investigator was all part of a framed act planned by her client to disqualify You Lu Lu in the competition. A competition put forward by You Lu Lu’s family in participation of his brothers including him to heir their family’s hotel business. With the help of Xiami, You Lu Lu won the competition through proving it was all a frame while exposing her secret of being deaf.

Xiami’s disappointment of the happenings made her leave the Island. Just as she was about to go “Chicken”, You Lu Lu ‘s assistant, left her with a flash drive containing his diary. This changed her assumption of You Lu Lu’s preconception of her disability but when she came back to the resort – he has already gone to chase his dream of being a chef. A year passed, they were both successful on their career, and they meet again, on the same resort, attending the wedding of the couple they helped before.

Movie Highlights

How was being into a ‘supposedly drama moment of a newly wed couple just so to know if the husband is faithful enough’, and you, like Xiami, thought it was for real and comes to the rescue hitting the wedding planner (costumed as the pirate!). Haha. Well, to make it more understandable (this scene was really funny!!!) As Xiami goes to the island in Malaysia she sails on a boat with the newly wed couple and then pirates stop them in the middle of the sea and attempt on killing the bride but Xiami thought it was for real that she threw her shoe right on the face of the pirate. BULLS EYE!! And then the bride later reveals that it was just a “drama” part of her plan to know if his husband was faithful or not. 😀 This was the first meet up with You Lu Lu, who was the pirate.

Love You You 1

Sleep walking can never be more exagge in this movie. However, Xiami’s sleep walking scenes give out a laugh and squeal moments as You Lu Lu helps her with it. (Tying her in a rope connected to him isn’t a bad idea! :D).

Love You You 2


Heart of the sea- main desert. This is probably one important remembrance of the two from each other as this helped Xiami in finding him again one year after.

Love You You 3

The revelation part. Well, I’m not suppose to reveal this huh! Yeah but this part where Xiami reads You Lu Lu’s diary gives her a whole new understanding of him and how she is being loved! 😀


“You’ll find the right person at the right time sometimes even coincidentally.”

“As long as you feel good about yourself, people will feel good about you as well.”

“Leaving everything in the past is part of moving on, you can never live life the way you wanted it to be if you don’t have the courage to forget – by then you will able to see things in a newer perspective.”

Hello Stranger (Thai)

I know that it is a bit late to write something about this movie after it was shown 3 years ago. But I felt so good to write about it after it sinked in to me the second time I watched it. Well the first time didn’t fascinate me maybe because I was really tired and happen to watch a lot of movies before  watching this. What was exciting about it is the fact that it showed a lot of K-drama spots also famous tourist destination in Korea. So k-drama fans wouldn’t miss this in their movie list if they so happen to hear of this movie. (Well, I didn’t miss it either!). Many would of course relate to the female lead who is addicted to k-drama which is an added factor.

It is not just the Korean factor that caught my attention. If Filipinos would closely look at the male lead character they would think that he’s a Robie Domingo look alike (an alumus of the PBB teen edition). Well, I was a fan of Robie and for me he resembles him in some ways.

Hello Stranger

Thai Movie

Cast: Nuengthida SophonChantavit Dhanasevi


Genre: Romantic- Comedy

Rating: 8/10

Quick Review:

Entangled with her dreams of going to Korea (May) is her uptight relationship with her boyfriend. Worried enough that she couldn’t go, she made the decision herself and lied. It was the happiest moment she ever had but would also put her relationship in the brink of break up while meeting a lonely man, who travelled alone (Dang). Both of them decided to travel together and share stories of their painful relationship agreeing not to tell each other’s name. They both have a wonderful time in Korea but the man is left to decide who to choose, now that he has come to fix his relationship with his girlfriend. How hard could it be to find a woman not knowing her name?

Movie Highlights:

Though this is a Thai movie, most scenes are focused on famous K-drama spots, a considerable eye candy for many k-drama fanatics. Aside from that, it features some korean destination to look forward to in case one decides to visit korea in the future.

It was a LOL factor when Dang (Chantavit Dhanasevi) ate the octopus (koreans eat fresh octopus) in exchange for May (Nuengthida Sophon ) drinking the whole soju bottle.  I wonder how it tastes??
Take the lesson from Dang who accidentally ate dog’s meat, it is good to learn some basic korean phrases before going to korea or end up like Dang. And since the girl is a fan of Bae Yung Jun you’ll hear a lot of mentions of him and also meeting his korean impersonator in the movie.

This movie has a lot of LOL factor just enough portrayal of how clueless you can be in a country you’re new to.


Another love comes after heartbreak. You might be hurt before but it can also be another love that will help you recover from your loss.

Korean Movies on my List

Maybe it is time to list down the top korean movies I have watched so far. Beware cause I’ll be adding some spoilers. Hahahahahaha.
Most korean films I watched were really sentimental. Regardless of the fact that you’ll end up crying in the end, it never fails to amuse me with the story as a whole. May it be drama, romantic comedy or whatever genre it is (except for horror) I watch them. There are also films that I wish to watch but still need to find time in my schedule. I originally want to have a list of ten, but I’ve never finished it so it might be good to start with smaller scale.

These are the movies that I have managed to list so far, I’ll be updating as soon as I can depending on my availability. I’ll start in ascending order. Using myself as a critic I’ll try to make a good review of each one of them.

5. Seducing Mr. Perfect (2006)
Cast: Uhm Jung Hwa, Daniel Henney
Director: Sang-woo Kim
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Rating: 7/10

Quick Review:
Though June seems to be perfectly good in her job, she’s ironically dull when it comes to love. Her lover never showed up in Hongkong where they are suppose to meet. And when she comes back from the flopped vacation engrande she never expected, she bumps into the car of the president of the company she’s working at. Perfectionist Robin Heiden (Henney) teaches June to become a girlfriend material. Yet gradually he’ll realize she teaches her only to fall for him.

Movie Highlights:

At the onset of being a love guru, Robin teaches June the basics. How June respond to these is some sort of an innocent-maiden-easy-to-dump manner. As Robin leads her to the path of being a perfect girlfriend material, she’ll come to unravel his tragic past and the other side of him- a loving grandson and a soft-hearted man.
Well as some conversation are in english (thanks to Henney’s native english skills) tittering moments are drawn from June’s own english pronunciation. Catch the scene where Robin teaches her to enunciate something.


Boss fell in love with his assistant might be this movie’s cliché, hence it is still a movie you can watch over and over. It is the story line that gives this movie a chance to viewers. 😀

4. My Girlfriend is an agent
Cast: Kim Ha Neul, Kang Ji Hwan
Director: Shin Tae-ra
Genre: Romantic- Comedy
Rating: 7/10

Quick Review:

Dumped amidst her mission. Ahn Soo Ji (Kim Ha Neul) was labelled by JaeJoon (Kang Ji Wan) a deceiver because of her job. She doesn’t seem to be the travel agent that she proclaims to be. Yet, she’s not the only one who’s hiding something, Jae Joon himself has not revealed his true self too. Being in a relationship hiding secrets seemed to never worked out, even more when they are soon to be entangled in a mission that will unravel their secret of being an agent. Would there be a chance for them to reconcile?

Movie Highlights:

Kim Ha Neul’s agent skills sets the ambiance of the movie. I never know that she could be good in action scenes.:D (Watch out the first part of the movie where she chases some bad asses) hehehehehe.
Being a sloppy agent, Ji Hwan gave much of a laugh. It’s awkward though cause I happen to see him too serious in “Lie to Me”.


You can never live in a relationship full of secrets. And there comes the famous phrase that says “Honesty is the best policy”. It’s always good to tell the truth regardless of what.

This movie has quite a resemblance to “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, only that it is korean of course. 😀

3. Daddy Long Legs

Cast: Ha Ji Won, Yeon Jong Hoon
Director: Kong Jeong-sik
Genre: Romance, Drama
Rating: 8/10

When I was young “Daddy Long Legs” was a prominent cartoon on TV but I was not really fascinated about it. How this Korean movie retold the story of Daddy Long Legs in its own way much like a pretty good love story amazed me, especially that I’m a romcom-movie-goer.

Quick Review:

Cha Young Mi (Ha Ji Won) believed that she will stumble upon her first love someday. Living alone with no parents to turn to since she was young became not much of a burden because of the person who has been her aid- her Daddy Long Legs. Willing to uncover the mystery of the person she has never been seen, Young Mi poses series of questions. With a twist of fate, will she ever meet him before it is too late?

Movie Highlights:

I give a thumbs for the “email story” scene of this movie. As a person watching, I never least expect that it could turn out the other way with a good-all-twist. 😀
Daddy Long Legs giving her presents are the best squealing moments you’ll have. Who could daddy long legs be, could it be the morgue clerk???Hmmmm.. (well this is a thing worth figuring out).
Young Mi’s friend blind date story flings some funny touches in the movie. Shin Yi and Jeong Jon Ha teamed up, gives you a better reason to laugh. 😀


This heartwarming love story brings Daddy Long Legs to a different level. Mind you this movie has given me a boring aura at first but definitely the end is always the best.
Who could endure a love for a long time like Kim Jun Ho? You can never ask for more when you’re giving everything to the one you loved most.

2. A Moment to Remember (2002)
Cast: Son Ye Jin, Woo-sung Jung
Director: John H. Lee
Genre: Romance, Drama
Rating: 8/10

This is probably one of the best movie of Son Ye Jin having watched most of her movie. I could say that I gradually liked her as an actress as I repeatedly watched her onscreen. Added that her lead partner appears to be Woo-sung Jung. This movie is also a must watch for korean movie- goer.

Quick Review:

Having an affair with a married man, Kim Su Jin (Son Ye Jin) loved regardless of the situation. But the shameless relationship left her broke after the man never showed up in their rendezvous. Then he meets the short-tempered, ragged, and reserved carpenter Choi Chil Su. Right then she locks her eyes on him and decides to marry. They build a very happy and memorable couple at the onset of their marriage. But truth is, everything can never be consistent when sooner everything worth reminiscing will be forgotten by the one he loves. Not just him but also herself. How can he continue to love when the greatest obstacle is right there to block everything?

Movie Highlights:

“Hey there! it is my coca cola not yours”. The ” coca- cola scene” where Su Jin grabs Chil Su’s coke and drinks it shamelessly in front of him was a scene to catch. This time Su Jin starts to portray her forgetfulness. Yet there is a rebound to this scene where Chil Su drinks her coke.
“Place your bet. Even a dog at a glance can win”. Trust me I found this scene funny and cute. How Chil Su play the cards is quite a show. You lose come kiss me now.. 😀


In each movie of Son Ye Jin, she always had the character. She’s much of an onscreen goddess cause you can never get enough of her face. As for Woo-sung Jung, he always portray good in ragged character. For me he is a superb.

“Love knows no boundaries” and “Love is unconditionaL” is what this movie embodies. You will never know how much you love a person until you’re given the greatest obstacle of all. Choi Chil Su personifies a man worth marrying who never gave up on Su Jin. Who knows there might be someone as good as him lurking around our neighborhood .. hahahahahahahaha


1. 200 Pounds Beauty

Cast: Kim Ah Joong, Joo Jin-mo
Director: Park Hyeon-cheol
Genre: Romantic- Comedy, Drama
Rating: 8/10

Han-nah (Kim Ah Joong) has a really good voice but personality wise, she can only be a ghost singer. Her weight restricted her to perform in front of the people and to love someone openly. Thinking that being fat makes her ugly, she then decides to go into surgery so her boss can eventually love her. Now that she was able to achieve her own dream, she cannot deny the fact about her true self. She realized that loving ones self regardless of who you are is the most important thing after all.

Movie Highlights:

Han-nah’s heavy weight provides funny stints, especially the scene where she was jumping really intense that the pedestal she was standing on suddenly falls off. (Well, she’s funny indeed, her boss was immediately alarmed of her short absence on the phone)
Her transition from being fat to being slim is one of the most exciting ones, and how her boss reacts to this gives us a shiver. But the most dramatic and heartfelt scene of this movie is when she confesses about her true self, she also sang a song that was really good.


Sometimes, people change to people expectations. But finding true love first starts by being true to your self.

Note: I’ve also provided an individual post for each movie with a picture and a trailer. 😀 you can check it out in this link