Devils whisper – Not now

A devil murmurs in my left ear, preempting me to many things that I would’ve want to discover myself. As much as possible, I want to avoid one-sided accusations and I think this one is trying to win me over by exposing anomalies her enemies have been into.

Obviously, I’m in the middle of the opposite poles now. This is a tug-of-war that I don’t want myself to get into. Both of them can fight, but hell, I’m not taking in any part of this.

Chao! XD


It is impossible now

A response to the ‘Word-High July’ daily prompt organized by bloggers Maria and Rosema.

Today’s Tagalog word is “Pahimakas” or last farewell in English.

This is not really the original one that I wrote because I happen to close the window I am working on without saving it as a draft. Anyway, I tried to remember everything in verbatim but I can’t really get back to some of the words. This is the best I can retrieve from my memory.

Getting back together is impossible now. You know that. Unless you cull that one person out of your life who made my life miserable.

I have a big problem with people who made my life difficult. And I don’t think liking you is enough to make all the hatred disappear. So, I need to be away, away from the pessimists dragging me down to the depths of despair.

If I stayed, I’m certain you are not going to save me from being miserable. You’ll just listen for goodness sake. Maybe because you know less of the world I am in, you are scared, and not a man enough to handle my tantrums, my dilemma that have finally went out.

If we get back together it is not in this moment. It will be somewhere distant where only the two of us know each other.  A new place, with new people, and new us.

❤ Kate



Solo Pic

How can she ruin one’s soul?

Only to benefit her own?

She crashed and stepped on someone’s dignity

With conscience nowhere to be found

What can she get from that?

Satisfaction, glory?

When people around murmur

her wickedness?

Insane, so insane

People are no blind

Go ahead and spread false news

In time, truth shall prevail


At Ease

I see myself drifting away from things I used to cling on and believe. I guess this is the moment of acceptance and maturity. A moment of gladly acknowledging all the plans He has made for me.

I think I won’t run for now. The struggle to escape which once consumed me shall momentarily end here. I’ll listen to YOU more and hear my heart speak for me more often.


Never again

Minsan ng naging alipin

ng mga pangakong suntok sa buwan

Kaya kung mga salita’y walang katotohonan

Huwag nang sambitin at lumayo nalang

Hindi ako isang peryodiko sa dyaryo

Listahan ng mga trabaho

Na kung iyong naibigan ay aaplayan

Kung ganun paman, mga tanong ko’y

Baka hindi mo masagutan

Pakiusap ko sayo ay lumayo nalang

Bago pa maging matalas ang dila ko

At ikaw ay masaktan

English Translation

I was once a victim

Of sweet words and failed promises

So if your words are untrue

I tell you not to say it

I’m not a periodical in a newspaper

With list of jobs you can apply to

Well then, if I am

You might not bear the questions

I’ll have to ask

So now, I ask you to keep your distance

Before my words wound you

And tear you apart


Breaking point

It is an outside force
Gradually breaking the walls
Built with sturdy rock
That have been standing there for years

Years go by
And rocks do wither
Like how a flower wither when autumn comes
How beauty fades in passing time

Like any other, the wall reached its point
The wall once impermeable
Now brittle and breakable

Someone break those walls
Invaded its entirety

Am glad that someone is you
I would’ve been alone forever


A response to the ‘Word-High July’ daily prompt organized by bloggers Maria and Rosema.

Today’s Tagalog word is “Silakbo” or emotional outburst in English.

Mine tells a story of two lovers who met at the airport. I tried to get into that slowmo feeling which I hope was conveyed right. I just left it hanging …

In the midst of the raging crowd at the airport, I found you. Staring at your Rolex waiting for that flight that will change your entire life.

I was seated there staring at you, as you walk towards me sighting the empty seat someone had just left behind. We had that 5 seconds of frozen moment – when your eyes were fixed to mine. We both smiled, and you say “Hi”. My heart fluttered . From then I knew what it was.

Funny, how fate can be so absurd. We boarded that same plane, and seated next to each other.  It was the flight that changed both our lives.